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Hotel Invalides

Dive into the heart of the history behind Hotel Invalides

Discover the museum of the Armed Forces located in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris

It was on the 24th of February 1670, when the king, Louis XIV, commanded the construction of Hotel Invalides. This monument become famous with time, and formerly housed injured soldiers, hence the name.

These days the monument still houses injured soldiers and even the deceased, who are buried in the necropolis of Hotel Invalides. Want to know what you can visit at Hotel Invalides ? The answer is easy: the hotel has a museum, the Museum of the Armed Forces.

In this museum, you can discover a section devoted to the time of artillery and another section that honors the French army. If you are passionate about history and want to learn more about the armed forces, a visit to this museum is essential. Very easily accessible, thanks to various metro lines, Hotel Invalides and the museum are open daily.


An inevitable visit to Invalides awaits you

This monument, found in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, is an imposing structure and one of the most beautiful constructions of French architecture. If you plan to spend some time in Paris to discover the city and its monuments, likeHotel Invalides, we strongly recommend making a reservation at our hotel, just across from Necker Hospital. This way you can easily access multiple metro stations which allow you to reach Hotel Invalides in just a few minutes.

Paris is a preferred destination by tourists for good reason. The capital city of France has an innumerable number of monuments known throughout the world, including the Eiffel Tower, of course, the Louvre, Luxembourg Garden and many others. Among them all, Hotel Invalides is as prestigious as any of the others in the city.

So don’t wait any longer to make your reservation in Paris at our hotel. Come visit Armed Forces Museum then take a stroll around Paris without missing out on the panoramic view of the city offered from the heights of Montparnasse Tower. While visiting the most beautiful monuments of the city, you will be able to build a nice collection of photos. Just remember, you may not want to move along quickly, but would rather like to take time enjoying yourself. Then it dawns on you that there is so much more to do in Paris!

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