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Vacationing in Paris? Come take a walk near Porte de Versailles!

A little history

Everyone has heard of Porte de Versailles. Our hotel is located only 4 metro stations from Porte de Versailles, only a 10-minute drive. Yet, few people truly know the history. In 1841, the entire city of Paris was surrounded by a wall (the Thiers Enclosure). This wall was used to shield the city and consisted of 17 doors.

Porte de Versailles is one of the 17 original doors, or was. In fact, the actual door no longer exists. However, the name still stands as: Place de la Porte de Versailles.


A certified place for Parisian fairs and shows of all kinds

But if the Porte de Versailles is known worldwide, it is due to the very famous Park of Expositions of Paris. Welcoming several hundred exhibitions each year, this center is simply the most famous in all of France. So many exhbitions are held here, there is a good chance you can discover one during your trip to Paris. Some of the best-known exhibitions are the International Agriculture Show, the World of Automobiles of Paris, the Paris Fair or finally, Paris Games Week. As one can see, there is something for every taste.

Most of the time, these exhibitions last over several days. If you want to enjoy one, it is better to stay in Paris over the course of the event ideally staying at our hotel, which is just in front of Necker Hospital. Located near many famous places and various metro stations. From our hotel, you can reach Porte de Versailles without any difficulty.


Mixing practice with pleasure

Porte de Versailles also hosts a theatre, which is qually well-known: the Palace of Sports. From here, you can attend concerts, shows and sporting events. So why are you waiting to book your stay in Paris at our hotel? Coming to Paris will allow you to enjoy numerous monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or even the Louvre Museum and Luxembourg Garden. And these are only a few of the many places you can uncover in Paris, but it is best to see it with your very own eyes!

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