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Offer yourself a nature break in Luxembourg Garden

A little greenery inside of the 6th arrondissement of Paris

Paris is a city that is always moving. People are constantly in a hurry, running to the next place, cars are honking, engines roar and exhaust fills the city streets. Looking in from the outside, Paris does not seem at all welcoming.

Yet, millions of tourists pour into the city each year, travelling thousands of kilometers without hesitation even if just to take a photo of the most beautiful monuments in the world.

If you have decided to come to Paris to spend some vacation time here, we welcome you to visit Luxembourg Garden. This garden, encompassing 2 hectares, 21 which are open to the public, is sure to brighten your day. A certified destination for Parisians and tourists alike.


Do not miss the Luxembourg Palace at the back of the park

Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Luxembourg Garden is an invitation to a voyage into the past. Created at the request of Queen, Marie de Médicis in 1612, this majestic garden is composed of two sections: the French section and the English section. A large geometric forest connects the two sections. At Luxembourg Garden, you will find an equally lovely orchard, a large pond, an apiary and greenhouses. In fact, being so large, 106 statues are housed throughout the various corners of the garden. During your visit, you can also view the Orangerie, the Médicis Fountain or the Davioud Pavillion.

In the garden, many activities are offered for adults and children alike, such as beekeeping, puppet shows, chess, tennis, bridge, and even remote controlled boats. Finally, take note that many concerts and exhibitions are organized at Luxembourg Garden.

To discover this paradise on Earth, book a room at our hotel. Located just in front of Necker Hospital, our establishment is ideally positioned for easy access to Luxembourg Garden and other principal monuments in Paris. So why wait any longer to book your stay in Paris? Entrance into Luxembourg Garden is free. It would be a shame not to enjoy such a nice family outing here. And don’t forget that there are still many other beautiful places to discover while in Paris. So don’t hesitate to extend your unforgettable vacation for just a few nights longer.

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