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Pasteur Institute

Have you already visited the Pasteur Institute?

First century of research and fight against the disease

If you find yourself curious, then you must be passionate about science and medicine. If so, you cannot miss the chance to visit Pasteur Institute. Internationally known, this foundation, created by Louis Pasteur in 1887, seeks to prevent and find treatments for certain diseases. The research conducted at Pasteur Institute is particularly interesting, and more importantly, is useful for the entire world. Would you like to learn more about Louis Pasteur and the research conducted at the institute? If so, simply come visit.

You can reserve a guided tour of Louis Pasteur’s apartment, and see the room of scientific discoveries. You can also discover the Pasteur Museum, found in the room of Louis Pasteur.


An institute close to the Eiffel Tower

Pasteur Institute is found in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. And our hotel, located just in front of Necker Hospital, is perfect for you. This way you can reach Pasteur Institute in a short time. You will not need to cross the city and lose time on public transportation if you just choose a hotel ideally located, like ours.

Thanks to the location of our hotel, many touristic areas are in proximity giving you the opportunity to make the most of your vacation. Paris is a vibrant city. Each year it hosts millions of tourists from all over the world. Some come just to see the Eiffel Tower, other to walk the Champs Élysées. In both cases, coming to Paris allows you to find ways to occupy your time.

So why are you waiting to give yourself some well-deserved vacation time? Reserve your room quickly and enjoy all the Paris has to offer. But do not forget to visit Pasteur Institute,and make sure to participate in the guided tour. To do this, you must book your room in advance, otherwise there may not be any rooms available. Please do not wait until the last minute to book your vacation plans in the capital city. By being proactive, you will save plenty of time and you will not have to worry about what activities to do once you arrive. What could be better?

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